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PIN 34568 - Farifield Elementary School - IN PROGRESS

Application Preview
RFP Title: Interim Emergency Drinking Water And Drought Related Drinking Water Funding Application
Submitting Organization: Davis Joint Unified School District
Submitting Organization Division: Facilities Planning
Project Title: Farifield Elementary School
Project Description: Design and install a Strong Base Anion Exchange Well water treatment system to remove Hexavalent Chromium from one potable water well serving all water needs for the school site (including drinking water and irrigation purposes).
Water System ID:
District Office:
Applicant Organization: Davis Joint Unified School District
Applicant Organization Division: Facilities Planning
Applicant Address: 1919 5th Street , 1919 5th Street , CA - 95616
Latitude : 38.547540     Longitude:   -121.840550
Watershed: Sacramento River
County: Yolo
Responsible Regional Water Board: 5S Central Valley Sacramento Regional Water Board
Funds Requested($): 539,000.00
Local Cost Match($): 1,000.00
Total Budget($): 540,000.00
Funding ProgramAppliedAmount Recommended by State Water Board
Interim Emergency Drinking Water and Drought Related Drinking Water Funding ProgramYes$0.00
Project Management RoleFirst NameLast NamePhoneFaxEmail
Project Director: Authorized Representative
Project Manager: Day to day contact
Applicant Information
Davis Joint Unified School District
Facilities Planning
1919 5th Street 1919 5th Street, CA , 95616
Federal Tax ID:
680343640         DUNS Number:     100005354
Person Submitting Information
Submitter Name:
George Parker
Submitter Phone:
Submitter Fax:
Submitter Email:
Pre Submission Attachment TitlePhaseSubmission PeriodDate & Time
Domestic Water Supply permit PHASE1PRE SUBMISSION4/8/2016 2:11:21 PM
Domestic Water Supply permit - Water Quality Results PHASE1PRE SUBMISSION4/8/2016 2:10:42 PM
Service Area Map PHASE1PRE SUBMISSION4/8/2016 2:09:21 PM
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  Questionnaire - Phase1


1 Water System Name:
  Answer: Davis Joint Unified School District Fairfield Elementary School potable water well.
2 Water System Classification:
  Answer: l Nontransient Non-community
  Answer: As defined by EPA.
3 Water System Number:
  Answer: Public Water System No 5700623-001
4 Number of Service Connections:
  Answer: 1
5 Population Served:
  Answer: 56
6 Indicate type of applicant applying on behalf of the Water System (check all that apply): * Community Water Systems, Not-For-Profit Organizations and Tribal Governments must serve a Disadvantaged Community in order to be eligible for Funding. For Not-For-Profit Organization enter Federal Tax ID No. below:
  Answer: l Other (Explain below)
  Answer: School District water system.
7 Indicate if the Water System is regulated by the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) or a Local Primacy Agency: Identify the DDW District Office or Local Primacy Agency below and the contact person and contact information at that agency:
  Answer: l Local Primacy Agency
Yolo County Environmental Health
Office:530-666-8646 - Fax: 530-669-1448
Well system No. FA0001259


1 Indicate Project Type:
  Answer: l Treatment Systems Well Repair/ Rehabilitation
  Answer: The Davis Joint Unified School District will be installing a wellhead treatment system on their only water supply well serving Fairfield Elementary School. Other improvements at the well site will be completed as required to install and operate new water treatment system.
2 Will the project serve an economically disadvantaged community? Note: "Disadvantaged community" means a community with an annual median household income that is less than 80 percent of the statewide annual median household income (MHI). MHI data is available through the U.S Census Website at: For further assistance, please contact your DDW District Office, or call (916) 319-9066 or send an email to:
  Answer: l yes
3 Provide the annual Median Household Income (MHI): $
  Answer: < than 60% of the MHI qualifying as a Severely Disadvantaged Community (SDAC)
4 Describe how the MHI was determined and attached supporting documentation:
  Answer: School Districts qualify as SDAC applications based on the definition contained in the DWSRF funding program intended use plan.


  Answer: l Emergency
1 Describe the emergency and explain how this is a drought related drinking water emergency or threatened emergency. Indicate if the community is out of water or estimated timeframe for expected water outage. Please attach any supporting documentation/calculations.
  Answer: Only source of drinking water violates the primary MCL for Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6), a drinking water source for School students, teachers, and staff on a daily basis.
2 What conservation measures (indicate if mandatory or voluntary) has the water system(s) instituted? Please indicate other possible conservation measures that the water system(s) plans to implement, or has implemented.
  Answer: Reducing outdoor water use and consideration of offering bottled water to School attendees.
3 Has the water system's Local Health Officer, Local Director of Environmental Health, County Office of Emergency Services (OES) or any other entity taken any drinking water drought response actions?
  Answer: Yolo County Environmental Health has communicated with the DJUSD and requested a corrective course of action. Wellhead treatment is the only viable option available to the DJUSD to bring the water supply into compliance with all drinking water regulations in a timely manner at the Fairfield Elementary School site.


  Answer: l
1 Is the water system impacted by a water quality problem? If Yes, please describe the water quality problem impacting the water system including contaminants and MCL exceedances:
  Answer: l Yes
  Answer: Water Quality Problem = Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6) Primary Drinking Water MCL violation.

Primary MCL = 10 parts per billion
Current running quarterly avg. = 24 parts per billion
Compliance MCL Target = 8 parts per billion
2 If there is a water quality problem impacting the water system, please indicate the source(s) of contamination: Describe the source of contamination and indicate if a Responsible Party for the contamination has been identified:
  Answer: l Naturally Occuring Source
  Answer: In the hydro-geology of the groundwater aquifer.
3 Is the water system under any compliance order? Describe the compliance order below:
  Answer: l Yes
  Answer: Notice of Violation Compliance Action Plan in coordination with Yolo County Environmental Health Department.


1 Describe the project proposed to address the drought related drinking water emergency or water quality impairment :
  Answer: To retrofit the existing 55 gpm (and only) water well serving Fairfield Elementary School with SBA Exchange wellhead treatment to reduce Hexavalent Chromium detection levels below the primary drinking water MCL of 10 parts per billion on a regular basis.
2 How will the project achieve the most immediate and reliable supply of domestic water for the duration of the drought related drinking water emergency or water quality impairment?
  Answer: The retrofit of wellhead treatment will bring the School's only water well into reliable compliance with the Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6) primary drinking water MCL and provide safe and reliable water supplies to the entire School population.
3 Describe the existing Water System:
  Answer: The water system is comprised of one water well equipped with pump and motor to distribute well supplies for domestic and irrigation purposes at the Fairfield Elementary School site. Distribution system improvements convey water from the well to the buildings requiring water service and to the irrigation system distribution pipelines serving landscaping and playfields.
4 Is the project for an interim or permanent solution, or both? Please explain:
  Answer: l Permanent
  Answer: Wellhead treatment is a permanent solution that will provide MCL compliant water supplies on a daily basis for the remaining life of the well.
5 If the proposed project is not a permanent solution, do you have any plans for a permanent solution?
  Answer: l
6 When must project commence or, if construction has already begun, when did the project commence (interim and permanent solution)?
  Answer: 07/01/2016
  Answer: Assuming funding is approved by June 2016, the project must commence immediately to comply with primary MCL violations and protect the health of the school population.
7 How long (days/months) will it take to complete the project? Include time to complete major project milestones. If the project is an interim solution, provide the timeframe for a permanent solution.
  Answer: Funding approval = June 2016
Design = July-August 2016
Construction = Sept-Dec 2016 (*)
Start-up = January 2017

(*) Several months is required for delivery of wellhead treatment system.
8 Is the proposed project the least costly option to address the "drought" emergency or "water quality impairment" emergency? (Explain other alternatives evaluated, if applicable)
  Answer: l Yes
  Answer: The School considered importing water from another source and considered possible water system inter-ties with other water systems. However the cost of these alternatives were higher than the proposed onsite wellhead treatment option cost.
9 Approximate number of people that will be served by the project:
  Answer: 56
10 Approximate amount of drinking water that will be provided by the project:
  Answer: The water well will deliver up to a maximum of 79,000 gallons per day.


1 Estimated total project cost: $
  Answer: $540,000 (Design, Environmental Documentation, and Construction)
2 Amount of emergency funds requested: $
  Answer: $539,000
3 Amount of project funds from other sources: $
  Answer: $1,000


1 Has the applicant submitted an application to the State Water Resources Control Board's Funding Program for a permanent solution? If YES, describe the solution, estimated cost and schedule to implement the permanent solution:
  Answer: l No
  Answer: If the proposed funding application is not approved other funding sources will be pursued by the DJUSD to pay the necessary capital cost to construct the project.
2 Has the applicant applied for emergency/interim funding from any other sources? If Yes, list the Source(s) below and the funding amount for the corresponding source(s):
  Answer: l No
  Answer: If the proposed funding application is not approved other funding sources will be pursued by the DJUSD to pay the necessary capital cost to construct the project.
3 Describe the current financial status of the water system and provide an explanation how the water system's resources have been used to address the emergency:
  Answer: The School has adequate capital outlay, operation and maintenance funds in its O&M budget to operate and maintain the water well serving the Fairfield Elementary School site. However required capital project funds are not available to pay for the cost of the Cr6 compliance improvement project.
a Does the water system(s) have any available emergency reserves and/or other unrestricted reserves to fund the project in part or in whole? If Yes, how much reserves are available and what is the source of the reserves? If No, why?
  Answer: l No
  Answer: No emergency reserves are available to fund the proposed project.


1 Describe any public outreach regarding the project and how the water system customers will be notified of the availability of alternate water supplies and the method for customers to access those supplies if applicable:
  Answer: The Fairfield Elementary School has communicated with students, parents, and the DJUSD School Board about the Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6)detection levels. Communication has occurred between the DJUSD and Yolo County Environmental Health about corrective actions to bring the site into compliance with the Cr6 Primary Drinking Water MCL at the soonest date possible.
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