Regular Meeting
Davis Joint USD
June 12, 2017 5:30PM
Closed Session - 5:30 p.m., South Conference Room, 526 B Street; Open Session - 7:00 p.m., Community Chambers, 23 Russell Boulevard Davis, CA 95616

Mission Statement:
The mission of Davis Joint Unified School District, a leading center of educational innovation, is to ignite a love of learning and equip each student with the knowledge, skills, character, and well-being to thrive and contribute to an evolving and increasingly-connected world, through a system characterized by: - Optimal conditions and environments for all students to learn - A team of talented, resourceful, and caring staff - Transforming teaching, learning, and operations in our continuing pursuit of excellence - Resourceful, transparent, and responsible fiscal planning, - A diverse and inclusive culture
II. CLOSED SESSION (Note location at top of agenda)
II.a. Discussion and Possible Action on Personnel Listed on the Consent Calendar for Personnel Employment/Status/ActionsConfidential agenda item.
II.b. Conference with Agency Negotiator, Matt Best, Regarding Collective Bargaining: DTA and CSEAConfidential agenda item.
II.c. CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL – ANTICIPATED LITIGATION, significant exposure to litigation pursuant to subdivision (b) of Government Code Section 54956.9, Number of Cases: (1 case) Confidential agenda item.
II.d. Public Employee Evaluation: SuperintendentConfidential agenda item.
II.e. Conference with Labor Negotiator, John Bowes, Regarding Unrepresented Employee: Associate Superintendent and DirectorConfidential agenda item.
III.a. Open Session Call to Order (Note location at top of agenda)
Quick Summary / Abstract:
It is anticipated the Board will reconvene in open session at 7:00 p.m.
III.b. Patriotic Observance
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Board Member Tom Adams will lead those attending the meeting in a patriotic observance.
III.c. Roll Call
III.d. Announcement of any Decisions Made in Closed Session
III.e. Approval of Agenda
IV.a. Superintendent's Communications
IV.b. DTA Communications
IV.c. CSEA Communications
IV.d. Announcements from Board Members/Board Liaisons
IV.e. Student Board Representative Announcements
Quick Summary / Abstract:

In the interest of conducting the business of public education in a timely manner, there is a two or three-minute limit per individual speaker which, at the discretion of the board president, may be modified depending on the number of speakers.  A maximum of thirty (30) minutes for the comment period may be imposed.

In order to maintain a respectful public forum, members of the audience will please limit applause to occasions of student performance, employee recognition, and significant community contributions which are celebrated by everyone present.

During this public comment period, the law does not allow the Board of Education to take action on any item not explicitly posted on the agenda in advance.  However, Board members may ask for clarification, refer concerns to staff, and/or request that an item be placed on a future agenda. 

VI.a. Approve Certificated Personnel Report No. 19-17
Recommended Motion:

Certificated Personnel Report No. 19-17 covers 3 Probationary Employments, 1 Temporary Employment, 5 Partial Leaves of Absence, 1 Promotion, 2 Partial Resignations, 2 Resignations and 1 Retirement.

The personnel actions requested in this report are essential to meet the goals and mission of the Davis Joint Unified School District. 

Financial Impact:
The personnel actions are budgeted for in the Davis Joint Unified School District Adopted Budget or expressly approved by the Board of Education in open session. 

Certificated Personnel Report No. 19-17
VI.b. Approve Classified Personnel Report No. 19-17
Recommended Motion:

Classified Personnel Report No. 19-17 covers 3 Employments, 1 Promotion, 2 Resignations, 2 Partial Resignations, 2 Retirements and 1 Transfer.

The personnel actions requested in this report are essential to meet the goals and mission of the Davis Joint Unified School District. 

Financial Impact:
The personnel actions are budgeted for in the Davis Joint Unified School District Adopted Budget or expressly approved by the Board of Education in open session. 

Classified Personnel Report 19-17
VI.c. Approve Resolution No. 45-17: Recognition of Davis High School Madrigals Singers for 50 Years of Performance
Recommended Motion:
Approve Resolution No. 45-17:  Recognition of Davis High School Madrigals 50th Anniversary
This year, 2017, marks the 50th anniversary of the Davis Senior High School Madrigal Singers.  The Madrigals, true to their mission of "spreading  their musical message of joy and hope through song and service" have brought much enjoyment to audiences nationally, internationally, and in their own Davis community. 
Resolution No. 45-17: Madrigals 50th Anniversary
VI.d. Approve Amendments to Board Policies and Board Bylaws
Recommended Motion:

Accept the proposed Board Policy and Bylaw amendments as a first reading, waive the second reading, and approve the revised Board Policies and Bylaws as presented. 


CSBA, through its Board Policy service, prepares comprehensive updates to insure compliance with statutory changes and/or provide clarity to existing policies.  By following CSBA guidelines, the District's Policies, Procedures and Bylaws incorporate the most up to date local/federal mandates and laws.  The Board Policies and Bylaws listed below have been reviewed by the Board Policy Subcommittee, staff, and/or the superintendent and are recommended for Board approval.  

  • 3311                                 Bids
  • 3541.2                              Transportation for Students with Disabilities
  • 3553                                 Free and Reduced Price Meals
  • 3580                                 District Records
  • 4030                                 Nondiscrimination in Employment
  • 4112.21                            Interns
  • 4112.24                            Teacher Qualifications Under NCLB (DELETE)
  • 4117.13 and 4317.13       Early Retirement Options
  • 6142.7                              Physical Education and Activity
  • 6152                                 Class Assignment
  • 6162.51                            State Academic Achievement Tests
  • 6164.2                              Guidance/Counseling Services
  • 6200                                 Adult Education
  • 9250                                 Remuneration, Reimbursement
  • 9260                                 Legal Protection
  • 9270                                 Conflict of Interest
  • 9312.1                              Complaints Concerning Board Members
  • 9321                                 Closed Session Purposes and Agendas
  • 9323                                 Meeting Conduct
  • 9323.2                              Actions by the Board
  • 9324                                 Minutes and Recordings
  • 9400                                 Board Self-Evaluation
BP 3311 Bids
BP 3541.2 Transportation for Students with Disabilities
BP 3553 Free and Reduced Price Meals
BP 3580 District Records
BP 4030 Nondiscrimination in Employment
BP 4112.21 Interns
BP 4112.24 Teacher Qualifications Under NCLB (DELETE)
BP 4117.13 & 4317.13 Early Retirement Options
BP 6142-7 Physical Education and Activity
BP 6152 Class Assignment
BP 6162.51 State Achievement Tests
BP 6164-2 Guidance/Counseling Services
BP 6200 Adult Education
BB 9250 Remuneration, Reimbursement
BB 9260 Legal Protection
BB 9270 Conflict of Interest
BB 9312.1 Complaints Concerning Board Members
BB 9321 Closed Session Purposes and Agendas
BB 9323 Meeting Conduct
BB 9323.2 Actions by the Board
BB 9324 Minutes and Recordings
BB 9400 Board Self Evaluation
VI.e. Approve Resolution 42-17: California State Preschool Program (CSPP 6640) One Day Closure
Recommended Motion:

Resolution 42-17 must be adopted in order to certify the Request for Allowance of Attendance Because of Emergency Conditions at the Children’s Center including the California State Preschool Program (CSPP 6640).


Despite staff efforts to deep-clean the Valley Oak Preschool Programs, we continued to see cases of Norovirus at the site during the week of May 22, 2017.  Because of the smaller enrollment numbers (less than 100 students), over forty percent of staff and students at the preschools reported symptoms in the last three weeks.  In consultation with the Yolo County Health Department, the decision was made to close the preschool wing of the Valley Oak campus to all programs on Friday, May 26 and reopen on Tuesday, May 30, 2017. The programs impacted included: California State Preschool; DJUSD Fee-Based Preschool; Special Education Preschool, Yolo County Office of Education Head Start, and the Adult Living Skills.

Children's Center Closure Resolution 42-17
VI.f. Approve the Appointment of the Superintendent's Designee as the District's CIF Representatives for the 2017-2018 School Year
Recommended Motion:

Approve the appointment of the Superintendent's designee's Jeff Lorenson, William Brown and Tom McHale as the District's CIF Representatives for the 2017-2018 School Year.  


Each year the Board must appoint the District representatives to the Sac-Joaquin Section of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).  The Superintendent designates staff to fill these roles, which are the high school principal and two selected high school staff members, 

The California Interscholastic Federation Form with the 2017-2018 Designation of CIF Representatives to the league is attached. 

Financial Impact:

There is no financial impact.

2017-2018 CIF Representatives
VI.g. Accept Bid and Approve Awarding the Contract for Parking Lot Improvement Project – Emerson Jr. High School (PN 16-28).
Recommended Motion:

Accept the bid of Western Engineering Contractors, Inc. for the Parking Lot Improvement Project specified in the District’s Project No. 16-28 located at Emerson Jr. High School and award the contract to Western Engineering Contractors, Inc. for Base bid plus Add Alternate Nos. 2 & 4 in the amount of $ 915,379.



The work associated with Parking Lot Improvement Project for Emerson Jr. High School includes the removal of existing asphalt concrete, trees and other parking lot related structures.  The proposed improvements include: new asphalt concrete paving, sidewalks, and relocates the existing ADA parking stalls. In addition, a new bike parking area, trees, and minor storm drainage structures will be included in this effort. This Project will restore the staff and visitor parking lot to a safe condition and provide separate bike access to the school.

A Notice Inviting Bids for the project was published on May 17 and 21, 2017 for base bid plus four additive alternates with a bid submittal deadline of June 5, 2017 at 2:00 PM.  A total of eight prospective bidders attended the Mandatory pre-bid walk through conducted on May 23, 2017. The District received a total of three bids at the bid opening with the all bids evaluated for conformance with the bid requirements.  A “Blind Bid” process was used to evaluate scope and pricing of Base bid plus additive bid alternates.  This process ensures a non-bias selection of the low bidder based strictly on price.  In review of all bid proposals, the bid proposal submitted by Western Engineering Contractors, Inc. was determined be apparent low bidder in all combinations of bid scenarios.  Staff has determined that awarding the Base Bid (Emerson Jr. High School) and Additive Alternates Nos. 2 Concrete Walks and 4 Paving at Operations Yard to Western Engineering Contractors was within the established Deferred Maintenance budgets with a total value of $915,379 which includes a $50,000 contingency allowance.

The District is committed to providing safe and healthy facilities for optimal learning conditions. This commitment is included in the District’s Strategic Plan (Strategy 2) and the Local Control Accountability Plan (Goal 2).  Legal counsel has reviewed and approved all pertinent procurement documentation.

Financial Impact:

This project will have no fiscal impact to the General Fund. This project will be funded under the District’s Deferred Maintenance program, paid for by the COP’s borrowing for restricted facilities funds specifically for this project scope of work. Total Project Award value is $915,379 for Base bid price, including project contingency of $50,000 and Add alternates Nos. 2 & 4.   

1. Bid Summary
2. Bid Form from Western Engineering Contractors, Inc.
3. District’s Award Agreement Form
4. Front Sheet of Engineering Plan
VI.h. Approve Resolution No. 44-17 Authorizing the Lease of Six (6) Computer Labs Under a Piggyback Contract Pursuant to California Public Contract Code Section 10229
Recommended Motion:
Approve Resolution No. 44-17 Authorizing the lease of six (6) computer labs under a piggyback contract pursuant to California Public Contract Code Section 10229

This lease is for a refresh of six computer labs in the Davis Joint Unified School District.  The District Technology Advisory Committee met and reviewed options and pricing for new devices to be assigned in summer of 2017. Labs will be refreshed every four years (via leasing) to maintain optimal instructional tools for teaching and learning. 

Financial Impact:
The total annual cost of the lease for all six (6) labs will range from $42,000 to $51,000 over four (4) years.  This cost will be supplemented over the life of the lease by a funding commitment to technology by the Davis Schools Foundation (DSF).  They will contribute $50,000 per year towards sustaining refreshed computer labs in DJUSD.  The total cost over four (4) years will come from these DSF funds and local school site budgets.  No additional funding is being requested.
CA NASPO Participating Addendum
Dell Amendment
Dell Exhibit A
Dell Financial Lease Proposal
Dell Financial Lease Schedule
Dell Lease Chromebook Quote
Dell Lease Desktop Quote
Dell Lease Laptop Quote
Dell Master Lease
NASPO ValuePoint Master Price Agreement
Resolution 44-17 Dell Lease Purchase
VI.i. Parcel Tax Oversight Committee
Recommended Motion:
Approve nominees to the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee.


As part of the Parcel Tax Measures, each Board member nominates one person each year to sit on the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee for a two-year term.  Vacancies have been created as the terms of committee members have expired.  

The following Board Members have nominated new/continuing members to the committee:

Board Member            Nominee                 Term                                

Tom Adams

Jim Andrew7/1/2017 - 6/30/2019 Term

Barbara Archer

Joy Klineberg           7/1/2017 - 6/30/2019 Term

Alan Fernandes

Grace DeMasi7/1/2017 - 6/30/2019 Term

Madhavi Sunder          

Cindy Pickett7/1/2017 - 6/30/2019 Term

Bob Poppenga

Eric Hayes7/1/2017 - 6/30/2019 Term

Financial Impact:
No fiscal impact.

VI.j. Approval of Sale of Surplus Property
Recommended Motion:
Staff recommends that the Board of Education authorize the Associate Superintendent of Business Services to identify, declare and dispose of personal property in accordance with Section 17545 of the Education Code
Education Code Section 17545 authorizes the governing board of any school district to sell for cash any personal property belonging to the district if the property is not required for school purposes, or if it should be disposed of for the purpose of replacement, or if it is unsatisfactory or not suitable for school use. The governing board may choose to conduct a sale of personal property under this section by means of a public auction conducted by employees of the district or other public agency or by contract with a public auction firm. The Board of Education may delegate to the district employee responsible for conducting the auction the authority to transfer the personal property to the highest responsible bidder upon completion of the auction and after payment has been received by the district. The Technology Department has collected an inventory of obsolete computer related equipment.  All items were found either to be unserviceable for use or are not repairable.  The district will use a state-approved vendor, PC Assets Recovery and Disposal, Inc. who will pick up surplus equipment from each site and recycle according to state and federal environmental laws and then provide a certified report detailing the services performed.
Financial Impact:
No financial impact
Birch Lane Surplus
BTSA Surplus
Cesar Chavez Surplus
Davis Adult School Surplus
DHS Surplus
DSIS Surplus
DVCA HS Surplus
EL Surplus
Emerson Surplus
Harper Surplus
Holmes Surplus
Korematsu Surplus
M&O Surplus
Montgomery Surplus
North Davis Surplus
Patwin Surplus
Pioneer Surplus
Technology Surplus
Willett Surplus
VI.k. Review of Warrant Report
Recommended Motion:
Accept Warrant Report as presented.


Per Board Policy 3300, the Clerk of the Board shall review and report to the Board all transactions entered into by the Superintendent or designee on behalf of the Board every 60 days.  (Education Code 17605)

These reports cover the periods from April 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017 and May 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017.

Financial Impact:
There is no fiscal impact by this action.  This report represents all financial transactions entered into by the Superintendent or designee according to the Board approved budget.

April 2017 Commercial Warrant Report
May 2017 Commercial Warrant Report
VI.l. Review of Purchase Order Report
Recommended Motion:
Accept purchase order report as presented.


Per Board Policy 3300, the Clerk of the Board shall review and report to the Board all transactions entered into by the Superintendent or designee on behalf of the Board every 60 days. (Education Code 17605)

These reports cover the periods from April 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017 and May 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017.

Financial Impact:
There is no fiscal impact by this action.  This report represents all financial transactions entered into by the Superintendent or designee according to the Board approved budget.

April 2017 Purchase Order Report
May 2017 Purchase Order Report
VI.m. Acceptance of Gifts
Recommended Motion:

Accept the gifts totaling $47,555.58 for this period presented for use in the District's programs.


The Board of Education gratefully accepts donations totaling $47,555.58, which have been received by the District since the June 1, 2017 Board of Education meeting.  A summary amount of gifts received is included in the Board packet.

Financial Impact:
The amount of the cash gifts will be a budget revision for the Board-approved budget under local grants and donations.

June 2016-2017 Gift Report
VI.n. Ratification of Contracts and Agreements
Recommended Motion:
Ratify the contracts and agreements as presented.

Pursuant to Board Policy 3312 and California Education Code, all contracts and agreements need to be approved and ratified by the Board of Education.  The current contracts which are being presented to the Board are listed in the Attachment section below.

Financial Impact:
All items are budgeted in their respective department/program approved budget plans. The cost of each individual item is posted in attachments.

a. Alliant University International University, Inc. Memorandum of Understanding
b. California State University, Chico Memorandum of Understanding
d. Consolidated Communications, Inc. Agreement
e. Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage Agreement
f. Empower Yolo Memorandum of Understanding
g. Gaggle.Net, Inc. Agreement
h. Granlibakken Conference Center Agreement
i. Missoula Children's Theatre Agreement
j. Producers Dairy Foods, Inc. Agreement
k. Sage Publishing, Inc. Agreement
l. Dreambox, Inc. Agreement
m. Christine de Guzman Professional Services Agreement 2017-2018
n. Child Development Centers Facility Use Agreement
VII.a. Public Hearing for the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Was edited within 72 hours of the Meeting
Recommended Motion:

Hold a Public Hearing for the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) in preparation for the final presentation to the Board of Education that is scheduled for June 22, 2017.


In order to incorporate collective priorities, staff will review the LCAP goals, actions, and services which align with the Board of Education Priorities and the State Local Control and Accountability Plan Priorities.

LCAP Goals:

  • All students will engage in a high quality 21st Century exemplary education supported by a rigorous curriculum, conducive learning environments and collaborative staff.  (Conditions of Learning). 
  • All students will benefit from high quality 21st Century instruction and engaging curriculum guided by staff collaboration focused on closing the achievement gap (Pupil Outcomes).
  • All students will have equal opportunity to learn in a culturally responsive and inclusive environment that is physically and emotionally safe and informed by the relationships with parents and community partners (Engagement).

The 2017-18 plan will also incorporate the Three Core Strategies (Professional Learning Communities, Formative Assessment, and High Expectations) described in the Board of Education Workshop on March 20, 2017.  The LCAP will also continue to provide supports through a variety ongoing supports and services for English Language Learners, Low Income Students, and Foster Youth.

Finally, the 2017-18 LCAP will provide increased English Language Specialists time supported out of our supplemental funding and will prioritize the implementation of the English Language Arts/English Language Development programs in TK- eighth grade with a particular focus to support our underserved populations and close the achievement gap.

Financial Impact:

As aligned with the district budget.

1. LCAP Presentation
2. LCAP Executive Summary
Local Control Accountability Plan and Annual Update
VII.b. Public Hearing 2017-2018 District Adoption Budget
Recommended Motion:

Review and hold public hearing for the 2017-2018 District Adoption Budget as presented, including fund balance reserve report and 2016-2017 Budget Revision (Estimated Actuals).


The budgets were completed based on the latest information available to date. For the current year, 2016-2017 budgets were revised to project estimated actual revenues and spending. For 2017-2018, the proposed budget contains projected funding for LCFF growth that calculates to $1.5 million of ongoing new funding next year. These projections are from the Governor's May Revision and are subject to change with the Final State Budget.

The District has developed a spending plan for next year that addresses the following needs;

  • Required (State/Local) Expenditures
    • Step and Column employee annual salary increases
    • State pension cost increases (STRS and PERS employer rates)
    • LCFF supplemental student programs (LCAP specific)
    • Class sizes
    • Restricted maintenance
  • Local Programs
    • Instructional materials adoption (One-time)
      • English language arts
      • English language development

The Adoption Budget is built on the assumption of continued revenue growth over the next four years. DJUSD staffing and program costs will continue to outpace these gains from State funding over this same period and the District will need to find local solutions to enhance revenue sources and continue to carefully prioritize spending to balance the budget and eliminate the structural budget deficit.

While the Governor continues to stress the likelihood of a recession in the near future, the State forecast does not project a recession. If a recession occurs, State revenues could drop below prior-year levels and cuts to education could be on the table again.  Fiscal caution is advised.

Staff will present a summary report of the proposed Adoption Budget.

a. 2017-2018 Budget Adoption Summary
b. 2017-2018 DJUSD Excess Reserves
c. District Certification
d. Workers' Compensation Certification
e. Fund 01 General Fund
f. Fund 09 Charter School Fund
g. Funds 11, 12, 13 Auxiliary Funds
h. Fund 25 Capital Facilities Fund
i. Fund 40 Capital Outlay Project Fund
j. Fund 49 Capital Project Fund
k. Fund 51, 52 Redemption Debt Service Fund
l. Fund 67 Self Insurance Fund
m. Fund 73 Trust Fund
n. Supplemental Reports
o. Criteria and Standards
p. Technical Review
q. Yolo Common Message May Revise 2017
r. School Services Pocket Budget 2017
s. FCMAT Indicators of Risk or Potential Insolvency
t. FCMAT Health Risk Analysis
VII.c. Educator Effectiveness
Recommended Motion:

Hear a presentation on the use of Educator Effectiveness funds.


As a condition of receiving Educator Effectiveness funds, a school district, county office of education, charter school, or state special school is required to:

  1. Develop and adopt a plan delineating how the Educator Effectiveness funds will be spent. The plan must be explained in a public meeting of the governing board of the school district or county board of education, or governing body of the charter school, before its adoption in a subsequent public meeting.
  2. On or before July 1, 2018, report detailed expenditure information to the California Department of Education (CDE), including, but not limited to, specific purchases made and the number of teachers, administrators, or paraprofessional educators that received professional development.

Educator Effectiveness funds may be used to support the professional development of certificated teachers, administrators, and paraprofessional educators. Funds can be expended for any of the following purposes:

  1. Beginning teacher and administrator support and mentoring, including, but not limited to, programs that support new teacher and administrator ability to teach or lead effectively and to meet induction requirements adopted by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and pursuant to Section 44259 of the Education Code.
  2. Professional development, coaching, and support services for teachers who have been identified as needing improvement or additional support by local educational agencies.
  3. Professional development for teachers and administrators that is aligned to the state content standards adopted pursuant to Sections 51226, 60605, 60605.1, 60605.2, 60605.3, 60605.08, 60605.11, 60605.85, as that section read on June 30, 2014, and 60811.3, as that section read on June 30, 2013, of the Education Code.
  4. To promote educator quality and effectiveness, including, but not limited to, training on mentoring and coaching certificated staff and training certificated staff to support effective teaching and learning

This item will come back to the Board of Education on the Consent Calendar on June 22, 2017 for approval.

Financial Impact:

$672,652 which has been used to support the implementation of our Local Control and Accountability Plan and our Strategic Plan.

Educator Effectiveness Presentation
VII.d. Review 2017-2018 Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA)
Recommended Motion:

Review 2017-2018 Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA) which have been approved by the submitting sites' School Site Councils.  No action is necessary at this time.  This item will come back to the Board for approval on June 22, 2017.  


Schools that receive state and federal categorical funding through the Consolidated Application process must annually develop a Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). The purpose of the SPSA goals and actions are to “improve the academic performance of all students to the level of the performance goals.”

The Single Plan for Student Achievement involves a cycle of continuous development, implementation and monitoring.  The following steps are completed at the site level in the development of a school plan: 

1. Measure effectiveness of improvement strategies at the school; 
2. Seek input from school advisory committee; 
3. Reaffirm or revise school goals; 
4. Revise improvement strategies and expenditures; 
5. Recommend the approved Single Plan for Student Achievement to the governing board; and 
6. Monitor the implementation of the plan.

Once approved by the Board of Education, a copy of each school's SPSA will be available for review on the DJUSD website and in the Educational Services Department at the District Office. The 2017-18 SPSAs have been approved for implementation by each site's School Site Council.

Financial Impact:
As described in each plan.
17-18 School Plan- Birch Lane
17-18 School Plan- Chavez
17-18 School Plan- DSHS
17-18 School Plan- DSIS
17-18 School Plan- Emerson
17-18 School Plan- Fairfield
17-18 School Plan- Harper
17-18 School Plan- Holmes
17-18 School Plan- King
17-18 School Plan- Korematsu
17-18 School Plan- Montgomery
17-18 School Plan- North Davis
17-18 School Plan- Patwin
17-18 School Plan- Pioneer
17-18 School Plan- Willett
The calendar is a fluid, working document used by the Board President and Superintendent in support of the Board conducting efficient and effective Board meetings. Changes in the date of future agenda items occur frequently to best fit Board items into the time parameters of Board meetings and District priorities.
Agenda Calendar
Quick Summary / Abstract:
The next regular meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled June 22, 2017. The Board will convene in open session, and immediately thereafter adjourn to closed session at 5:30 p.m. in the Susan B. Anthony Administration Building at 526 B Street, Davis, California. The Board will reconvene in open session at approximately 7:00 p.m. in the Community Chambers at 23 Russell Boulevard, Davis, California.
Quick Summary / Abstract:

In compliance with the Brown Act regulations, Penny Pyle legally posted this agenda on June 9, 2017.

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to access the Board meeting room or to otherwise participate during this meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, please contact the Superintendent's Office at (530) 757-5300 ext. 142. Notification at least 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the Board meeting.

Agenda Packets are available for review at the Davis Joint Unified School District office, 526 B Street (530-757-5300 x 142); or online at


Published: June 9, 2017, 5:19 PM

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