Regular Meeting
Davis Joint USD
December 15, 2016 6:00PM
Closed Session - 6:00 p.m., South Conference Room, 526 B Street; Open Session - 7:00 p.m., Community Chambers, 23 Russell Boulevard Davis, CA 95616

Mission Statement:
The mission of Davis Joint Unified School District, a leading center of educational innovation, is to ignite a love of learning and equip each student with the knowledge, skills, character, and well-being to thrive and contribute to an evolving and increasingly-connected world, through a system characterized by: - Optimal conditions and environments for all students to learn - A team of talented, resourceful, and caring staff - Transforming teaching, learning, and operations in our continuing pursuit of excellence - Resourceful, transparent, and responsible fiscal planning, - A diverse and inclusive culture
II. CLOSED SESSION (Note location at top of agenda)
II.a. Discussion and Possible Action on Personnel Listed on the Consent Calendar for Personnel Employment/Status/ActionsConfidential agenda item.
II.b. Conference with Agency Negotiator, Matt Best, Regarding Collective Bargaining: DTA and CSEAConfidential agenda item.
II.c. Public Employee Performance Evaluation: SuperintendentConfidential agenda item.
II.d. CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS (Gov Code 54956.8), Property: District Office(APN 070-172-001) Agency Negotiator: John Bowes and Bruce Colby, Under Negotiations: PriceConfidential agenda item.
III.a. Open Session Call to Order (Note location at top of agenda)
Quick Summary / Abstract:
It is anticipated the Board will reconvene in open session at 7:00 p.m.
III.b. Patriotic Observance
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Board President Madhavi Sunder will lead those attending the meeting in a patriotic observance.
III.c. Roll Call
III.d. Announcement of any Decisions Made in Closed Session
III.e. Approval of Agenda
III.f. Ceremonial Administration of the Oath of Office to Recently Elected Board Members
Recommended Motion:
Administer the Oath of Office to newly elected Board members.
The Oath of Office will be administered to incumbent Alan Fernandes and newly elected Board member Bob Poppenga.
Following the Oath of Office, these elected Board members will be seated as official members of the Board of Education.                               
Financial Impact:
This item has no financial impact on the general fund.                            
III.g. Annual Organization and Election of Officers
Recommended Motion:
Conduct the annual organization and election of officers.

The Board will conduct its annual organization meeting per Board Policy 9100. The Board will confirm the appointment of the president. Board members will be elected to the following positions: Vice President/Clerk, Yolo County School Boards Association representative; and Legislative Liaison. Other actions to be taken include appointing the Superintendent as secretary to the Board. 

The Board shall also develop a schedule of regular meetings (first and third Thursday of each month). 

At the December 17, 2015 meeting, the new Board President may appoint members to serve on subcommittees such as City/District 2x2, County/District 2x2, Budget and Fiscal, Board Policy, Facilities/Real Estate Asset, Superintendent's Evaluation, Parcel Tax Subcommittee, Legal subcommittee, or other necessary subcommittees.  The President may also appoint Board members to serve as liaisons from the Board to individual school sites, CSEA, DTA, UCD, Davis Schools Foundation, Davis Schools Arts Foundation, Davis Blue and White Foundation, Davis Farm to Fork, and the District Technology Committee and Local Control and Accountability Plan Committee.

Financial Impact:
There is not a financial impact associated with this agenda item.
Board Bylaw 9100 Annual Organization
Board Bylaw 9130 Board Committees
IV.a. Superintendent's Communications
IV.b. DTA Communications
IV.c. CSEA Communications
IV.d. Announcements from Board Members/Board Liaisons
IV.e. Student Board Representative Announcements
Quick Summary / Abstract:

In the interest of conducting the business of public education in a timely manner, there is a two or three-minute limit per individual speaker which, at the discretion of the board president, may be modified depending on the number of speakers.  A maximum of thirty (30) minutes for the comment period may be imposed.

In order to maintain a respectful public forum, members of the audience will please limit applause to occasions of student performance, employee recognition, and significant community contributions which are celebrated by everyone present.

During this public comment period, the law does not allow the Board of Education to take action on any item not explicitly posted on the agenda in advance.  However, Board members may ask for clarification, refer concerns to staff, and/or request that an item be placed on a future agenda. 

VI.a. Approve Certificated Personnel Report No. 10-17
Recommended Motion:

Certificated Personnel Report No. 10-17 covers 1 Employment, 2 Temporary Employments, 1 Temporary FTE Increase, 1 Promotion, 2 Resignations, 1 Retirement,  15 Variable Services Agreements and possible addendum covering 5 Employments.

The personnel actions requested in this report are essential to meet the goals and mission of the Davis Joint Unified School District. 

Financial Impact:
The personnel actions are budgeted for in the Davis Joint Unified School District Adopted Budget or expressly approved by the Board of Education in open session. 

Certificated Personnel Report 10-17
Certificated Personnel Report No. 10-17 - Addendum A
VI.b. Approve Classified Personnel Report 10-17
Recommended Motion:

Classified Personnel Report No. 10-17 covers 3 Employments, 1 FTE Increase, 1 Resignation, 9 Variable Services Agreements, 6 Coaching Variable Services Agreements and possible addendum covering 5 Variable Services Agreements.

The personnel actions requested in this report are essential to meet the goals and mission of the Davis Joint Unified School District. 

Financial Impact:
The personnel actions are budgeted for in the Davis Joint Unified School District Adopted Budget or expressly approved by the Board of Education in open session. 

Classified Personnel Report No. 10-17 (Rev 12-15-16)
Classified Personnel Report No. 10-17 - Addendum A
VI.c. Approval of Minutes
VI.d. Approve Classification Name Change
Recommended Motion:

Approve the updated Administrative Assistant I, II, III and Site Administrative Assistant I, II and District Department Administrative Assistant job descriptions reflecting the change from Secretary to Administrative Assistant. 


The job descriptions and salary schedule are being updated to reflect the change from Secretary to Administrative Assistant for all secretary positions throughout the district.

Financial Impact:


A Administrative Assistant I
B Administrative Assistant II
C Administrative Assistant III
D Site Administrative Assistant I
E Site Administrative Assistant II
F District Department Administrative Assistant
G Classified Salary Schedule Cover Sheet
VI.e. Approve Information Technology Specialist III Job Description
Recommended Motion:

Approve the Information Technology Specialist III job description.


A copy of the Information Technology Specialist job description is attached.  There has not been a job description in place for this position.  This job description was developed after a review of similar job descriptions in several districts in the region.

Financial Impact:

This change will increase the cost of this position $2,136 - $4,068 annually from the Instructional Technology budget.

Information Technology Specialist III Job Description
VI.f. Approve Amendments to Board Bylaws 9110 and 9220
Recommended Motion:

Accept the proposed Board Bylaw amendments as a first reading, waive the second reading, and approve the revised Bylaws 9110, Terms of Office and 9220, Governing Board Elections as presented. 


CSBA, through its Board Policy service, prepares comprehensive updates to insure compliance with statutory changes and/or provide clarity to existing policies.  By following CSBA guidelines, the District's Policies, Procedures and Bylaws incorporate the most up to date local/federal mandates and laws.

As part of an ongoing process to keep the Board Bylaws up to date, the Superintendent will regularly bring proposed updated Bylaws to the Board for consideration. 

Bylaw 9110 and 9220 incorporate no recommended changes, but are presented to the Board as part of the ongoing review and will be updated to reflect December 15, 2016 as the last review date.

Bylaw 9110 Terms of Office
Bylaw 9220 Governing Board Elections
VI.g. Approve Amendments to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 6145.2, Athletic Competition
Recommended Motion:

Accept the proposed policy amendments to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 6145.2, Athletic Competition, as a second reading; and approve the Policy and Regulation. 


At the November 17 Board meeting, revised Board Policy 6145.2 was presented during the Concussion Management Protocol presentation and discussion

As part of the CSBA Board Policy services, CSBA prepares comprehensive updates on a quarterly basis to insure compliance with statutory changes and obligations, as well as the welfare of school districts.  By following CSBA guidelines, the attached policy incorporates new local and federal mandates, the repeal of statutes, and new laws.  In addition, administration recommended adding concussion policy language to Board Policy 6145.2 Athletic Competition, in order to reflect the strong commitment that the Board has expressed on this issue.  

AR 6145.2
BP 6145.2
VI.h. Accept Bid and Approve Awarding Contract to Anchor Singh Painting for Painting Project at Harper Jr. High School (PN 16-20)
Recommended Motion:

Accept the bid of Anchor Singh Painting for the painting project specified in District’s Project No. 16-20 located at Harper Jr. High School and award the contract to Anchor Singh Painting in the amount of $95,500.


The work associated with the campus-wide painting of all buildings at Harper Junior High School includes but is not limited to removal of loose and failing base paint, pressure washing of all surfaces, masking and surface protection with three coats of new primer/paint and anti-graffiti coating of all exterior brick veneer.  Minor surface crack repairs and restaining of exterior wood benches will also be included.  This project will restore all exterior surfaces to the uniform color scheme and provide a long-lasting exterior protection against weather related damage.

A Notice Inviting Bids for the project was published on November 6 and 13, 2016 for a Base Bid with a bid submittal deadline of November 28, 2016 at 2:00 P.M.  A total of  thirteen (13) prospective bidders attended the mandatory pre-bid walk-through conducted on November 14, 2016.

The District received a total of four (4) bids at the bid opening with all bids evaluated for conformance to the bid requirements.  After a review of all proposals and a detailed analysis of each proposal, the base bid proposal submitted by Anchor Singh Painting was deemed the apparent low bidder with a base bid price of $85,500.  Staff made secondary inquiries about Anchor Singh Painting per information found in their pre-qualification submittal.  After additional discussions and reference checks were made, staff concluded this vendor was suitable for recommendation of award.  The next lowest bid submitted by Horizon Brothers Painting at $96,110 was also deemed responsive and compete. The architect’s estimate for the project was $110,000.

The District is committed to providing safe and healthy facilities for optimal learning conditions. This commitment is included in the District’s Strategic Plan (Strategy 2) and the Local Control Accountability Plan (Goal 2).  Legal counsel has reviewed and approved all pertinent procurement documentation.

Financial Impact:

This project will have no fiscal impact to the General Fund. It will be funded under the District’s Deferred Maintenance program, paid for by the COP’s borrowing for restricted facilities funds specifically for this project scope of work. Total Project Award value is $95,500 for Base bid price plus project contingency to Anchor Singh Painting.

a. Bid Summary
b. Bid Form for Anchor Singh Painting
c. District's Award Agreement
d. Harper Junior High School's Site Plan
VI.i. Review of Warrant Report
Recommended Motion:
Accept Warrant Report as presented.


Per Board Policy 3300, the Clerk of the Board shall review and report to the Board all transactions entered into by the Superintendent or designee on behalf of the Board every 60 days.  (Education Code 17605)

These reports cover the periods from October 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016 and November 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016.

Financial Impact:
There is no fiscal impact by this action.  This report represents all financial transactions entered into by the Superintendent or designee according to the Board approved budget.

a. October 2016 Commercial Warrant Report
b. November 2016 Commercial Warrant Report
VI.j. Review of Purchase Order Report
Recommended Motion:
Accept purchase order report as presented.


Per Board Policy 3300, the Clerk of the Board shall review and report to the Board all transactions entered into by the Superintendent or designee on behalf of the Board every 60 days. (Education Code 17605)

These reports cover the periods from October 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016 and November 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016.

Financial Impact:
There is no fiscal impact by this action.  This report represents all financial transactions entered into by the Superintendent or designee according to the Board approved budget.

a. October 2016 Purchase Order Report
b. November 2016 Purchase Order Report
VI.k. Ratification of Contracts and Agreements
Recommended Motion:
Ratify the contracts and agreements as presented.

Pursuant to Board Policy 3312 and California Education Code, all contracts and agreements need to be approved and ratified by the Board of Education.  The current contracts which are being presented to the Board are listed in the Attachment section below.

Financial Impact:
All items are budgeted in their respective department/program approved budget plans. The cost of each individual item is posted in attachments.

a. A Touch of Understanding Agreement
b. All West Coachlines Agreements - DSHS
c. All West Coachlines Agreement- Holmes
d. Caltronics Business Systems Agreement
e. Center for Land-Based Learning Agreement
f. Culture C.O.- O.P. Agreement
g. Explorit Science Center Agreement
h. Facts on File DBA Learn360 Agreement
i. Future Ready Schools Agreement
j. School Datebooks Agreement
k. School Innovations & Achievement Agreement
l. Sugar Bowl Agreement
m. Walsworth Yearbooks Agreement
n. June Wood Agreement
o. Placer County Office of Education Agreement
p. DJ Dan Utica Agreement
q. WeVideo Agreement
r. Yolo-Solano Teacher Induction Agreement
s. Washington USD (2) Agreement
t. Washington USD (1) Agreement
u. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Agreement
v. Washington Unified School District Agreement - Holmes
w., Inc. Agreement
x. Yolo Family Services Agency
y. M&S Technologies
VII.a. Recognize the Measure H Citizens' Committee
Recommended Motion:
Recognize the Measure H Citizen's Committee.

The Board will recognize the following Measure H Citizens' Committee members for their dedication and work in the successful passage of the DJUSD K-12 program parcel tax measure:

Martha Beetley, Debra Brayton, Nora Brazil, Greg Brucker, Elizabeth Campi, Ryan Davis, Joe Di Nunzio, Lori Duisenberg, Lucas Frerichs, Richard Harris, Hiram Jackson, Joy Klineberg, Jean Kridl, Merissa Leamy, Michelle Millet, Josh Newman, Gavin Payne, Carri Ziegler and Jay Ziegler.




VII.b. College Readiness Block Grant
Recommended Motion:

Receive information about the College Readiness Block Grant and hear public comment on the use of these funds.

This plan will come back to the Board of Education at a future meeting on consent for approval.


As a condition of receiving these funds, a school district is required to:

  • Develop a plan describing how the funds will increase or improve services for unduplicated pupils to ensure college readiness [EC Section 41580(e)].
  • The plan shall include information regarding how it aligns with the school district’s local control and accountability plan (required pursuant to EC Section 52060), the county superintendent’s local control and accountability plan (required pursuant to EC Section 52066), or the charter school’s local control and accountability plan required pursuant to EC Section 47605, or 47605.6, and EC Section 47606.5. [EC Section 41580(e)].
  • The plan shall also include a description of the extent to which all pupils within the school district, county office of education, or charter school, particularly unduplicated pupils, as defined in EC Sections 42238.01 and 42238.02, will have access to A–G courses approved by the University of California. (EC Section 41580(e)).
  • In order to ensure community and stakeholder input, the plan shall be discussed at a regularly scheduled meeting by the governing board of the school district, county board of education, or governing body of the charter school and adopted at a subsequent regularly scheduled meeting. [EC Section 41580(e)].
  • On or before January 1, 2017, LEAs are required to submit information to the Superintendent, on how the LEA will measure the impact of funds received on their unduplicated pupils’ access and successful matriculation to institutions of higher education, as identified within their plan. [(EC Section 41580(f)].

Funds allocated to LEAs may be used for, but are not limited to, the following purposes that directly support pupil access and successful matriculation to institutions of higher education. As identified in EC Section 41580(d), eligible activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Providing teachers, administrators, and counselors with professional development opportunities to improve pupil A–G course completion rates, pupil college-going rates, and college readiness of pupils, including providing for the development of honors and Advanced Placement courses.
  2. Beginning or increasing counseling services to pupils and their families regarding college admission requirements and financial aid programs.
  3. Developing or purchasing materials that support college readiness, including materials that support high performance on assessments required for admittance to a post secondary educational institution.
  4. Developing comprehensive advising plans to support pupil completion of A–G course requirements.
  5. Implementing collaborative partnerships between high schools and post-secondary educational institutions that support pupil transition to post-secondary education, including, but not limited to, strengthening existing partnerships with the University of California and the California State University to establish early academic outreach and college preparatory programs.
  6. Providing subsidies to unduplicated pupils, as defined in Sections 42238.01 and 42238.02, to pay fees for taking advanced placement exams.
  7. Expanding access to coursework or other opportunities to satisfy A–G course requirements to all pupils, including, but not necessarily limited to, pupils enrolled in schools identified by the department as high schools with 75 percent or greater enrollment of unduplicated pupils, pursuant to subdivision (g). These opportunities may include, but shall not be limited to, new or expanded partnerships with other secondary or post-secondary educational institutions.

Financial Impact:

One-time allocation of $75,000 to support "Unduplicated Student" access and successful matriculation to institutions of higher education.  

Funds may be expended anytime during the 2016-17, 2017-18 or 2018-19 fiscal years.

DaVinci Charter Academy will receive a separate allocation.

College Readiness Block Grant - DRAFT
VII.c. Update on DJUSD Employee Recruitment and Selection Process
Recommended Motion:

Receive an update from staff regarding tentative changes to Administrative Regulations 4112 and 4212, pertaining to the appointment and conditions of employment for classified and certificated employees. Current district administrative regulations require Board of Education approval for all classified and certificated positions, including all stipend and hourly positions (i.e. Bridge Tutors, outdoor education supervision, New Teacher Induction Mentors, Noon Duty Supervisors etc.). The recommended changes will exempt stipend and hourly positions, with the exception of paid Athletic Coach position, from Board of Education approval.


The recommended change will allow the Personnel Services department to reinvest time savings from Board report production to the recruitment and selection of employees due to the current school employee shortage. Employees will still be required to abide by all legal and district expectations for employment (i.e. fingerprinting, certification, etc.).

Currently the Personnel Services department processes over 1200 hourly and stipend positions annually. The department spends 5-6 hours per week preparing board reports for these positions.

Financial Impact:

There is no financial impact for this change.

DRAFT AR 4112 Appointment and Conditions of Employment
DRAFT AR 4212 Appointment and Conditions of Employment
VII.d. Certification of First Interim Financial Report
Recommended Motion:

Approve the First Interim Financial Report for the fiscal year 2016-2017.


The governing board of school districts is required to certify, on the First Interim, that the district is able to meet its financial obligations for the remainder of the fiscal year and the next two fiscal years. The certification shall be based upon the Board's assessment of the district's probable cash within the County Treasury and the district’s unrestricted fund balances that will be available for meeting obligations.

With the current economic growth and the increase in State revenue, the District’s funding is on an upward trend.  It is projected that K-12 education will continue to be funded above COLA through the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). However, the 2015-2016 fiscal year was a high point in annual funding growth for K-12 education.  Going forward, current economic projections will significantly slow down the funding growth we have seen in past years.

The district’s current “positive” budget certification is based upon maintaining our existing level of programming and staff costs and maintaining adequate fund balance reserves. The District will continue to implement the plan to use anticipated increases in State LCFF revenue to address deficit spending while being able to meet the future needs and costs of the district for student programs including employee compensation.

In January, the Governor will release the proposed State budget for 2017-2018 and any recommendations for changing the current State budget for 2016-2017. The budget specifics are unknown however the outlook for increases in local school district finances remains cautious due to the State’s projection of a possible economic slowdown in the future. There are many competing priorities for increased State funding including the new “Local Control Funding formula (LCFF)," funding a State budget reserve and funding for COLA and growth across other State programs.

Planning for these potential increases and the local accountability plan will proceed through February to June of next year.  The next budget submission will be the Second Interim in March 2017. 

Financial Impact:
This becomes the revised approved budget that authorizes expenditures for all programs and departments.

a. First Interim Budget Powerpoint - Summary
b. First Interim Budget Powerpoint - Detail
c. Certification
d. Fund 01 General Fund
e. Fund 09 Charter School Fund
f. Fund 11, 12, 13 Auxiliary Funds
g. Fund 25 Capital Facilities Fund
h. Fund 40 Capital Outlay Projects Fund
i. Fund 49 Capital Project Fund
j. Fund 51, 52 Redemption Debt Service Fund
k. Fund 67 Self Insurance Fund
l. Fund 73 Trust Fund
m. Supplemental Report
n. Criteria and Standards
o. Technical Review
p. Yolo Common Message
q. FCMAT Fiscal Health Risk Analysis
r. FCMAT Indicators of Risk or Potential Insolvency
VII.e. Achievement Gap Presentation
Recommended Motion:

Hear a presentation on the achievement/opportunity gap particularly how it relates to students who are English Learners, from low income families, and/or foster youth.  These students are also designated as "Unduplicated" by the state of California and Davis Joint Unified School District receives additional funding through our Local Control Funding Formula to better serve these students. 

Approve the following recommendations:

  1. Establish Interim Assessments established by summer 2017.
  2. Ensure 100% participation in targeted Professional Growth areas.
  3. Systematic analysis of program effectiveness with established metrics and timeline.


The Board of Education has prioritized closing the achievement/opportunity gap in Davis Joint Unified School District.  District staff has provided an update on work aimed at closing the gap.  The presentation on March 3, 2016 provided an overview of actions and services in the District and systems to support how we monitor growth.  On April 7, 2016, the Board was presented with a more detailed look at those services at the elementary level specifically at Birch Lane and Marguerite Montgomery.  This was followed on May 5, 2016 with a presentation by Harper Junior High School staff on the Bridge Program and AVID.  Staff from Davis Senior High School presented on actions and services provided at that site on May 19, 2016.  On September 1, 2016, staff from our preschools presented an overview of those programs and strategies they use to address the learning needs of our youngest students.  Additionally, the Board heard a presentation on November 3, 2016 regarding students who are Long Term English Learners.

This presentation will focus on "Unduplicated Students."  The term “unduplicated” is actually an umbrella term derived from our funding sources and refers to a student who is low income, an English learner, and/or is a foster youth.  These students bring additional revenue to districts throughout California.  Although some of these students may meet more than one of the criteria indicated above, they are counted only once in bringing extra funds, thus unduplicated.  We often hear that unduplicated students are those that are “historically under-served.”

The additional revenue associated with these students is directed towards increased and improved services to support these students in order to bring equity.  Careful targeting of these funds through the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) will help close the achievement/opportunity gap.

Financial Impact:

None at this time.

Achievement/Opportunity Gap Presentation
The calendar is a fluid, working document used by the Board President and Superintendent in support of the Board conducting efficient and effective Board meetings. Changes in the date of future agenda items occur frequently to best fit Board items into the time parameters of Board meetings and District priorities.
Agenda Planning Calendar
Quick Summary / Abstract:
The next meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for January 19, 2017. The Board will convene in open session, and immediately thereafter adjourn to closed session at 5:30 p.m. in the Susan B. Anthony Administration Building at 526 B Street, Davis, California. The Board will reconvene in open session at approximately 7:00 p.m. in the Community Chambers at 23 Russell Boulevard, Davis, California.
Quick Summary / Abstract:

In compliance with the Brown Act regulations, Penny Pyle legally posted this agenda on December 8, 2016.

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to access the Board meeting room or to otherwise participate during this meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, please contact the Superintendent's Office at (530) 757-5300 ext. 142. Notification at least 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the Board meeting.

The Board meeting will be televised live on cable television on DJUSD Education Channel 17. Streaming video of this meeting is also available at: DJUSD Board Meeting.

Agenda Packets are available for review at the Davis Joint Unified School District office, 526 B Street (530-757-5300 x 142); or online at


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